At TemperaturePro servicing Mequon, we are air conditioning and heating professionals with a solid reputation for installation, tune-up & repair…

Our firm services Mequon and adjacent areas and you can take advantage of our skilled team professionals when looking to install, service or repair HVAC systems. They are all certified HVAC specialists with valid licenses issued by the state of Wisconsin.

The comprehensive list of quality products and services on offer make it easier to improve indoor comfort levels for Mequon residential homeowners & commercial businesses.
Some of our services include:
– On-site energy audits
– Duct cleaning and sealing
– Preventive maintenance
– Energy-efficient upgrades
– Conversions (evaporative to refrigerate)
– Air conditioning installations
– 24-hour emergency repair services

The available range of heating and cooling products include:
– Boilers
– Gas furnaces
– Central air conditioners
– Water heater
– Heat pumps
– Air purifiers
– Humidifiers
– Ductless air conditioners
– Ventilators
– And more

At TemperaturePro servicing Mequon, all customers obtain accurate quotes and flat-rate pricing.

This eliminates the possibility of unexpected expenses. It is a demonstration of our commitment to customer satisfaction. We also offer financing plans that are designed to make it easier to secure the right product for your home. The packages can be tailored to suit your needs and budget. Installation and maintenance of an HVAC system requires the expertise of experienced professionals. The units are an important, long-term investment that should be taken care of properly.
Indoor air quality.

Cooling services including air conditioner and ductless ac installation & repair:

TemperaturePro can keep your home comfortable in hot summer months. Our solutions are affordable and available to all residents of Mequon. Our team ensures that every unit is properly sized and installed. This is aimed at maximizing efficient operation. An improperly installed unit suffers from more wear and tear over time, thus reducing its working life.
Our regular maintenance plans provide a practical way to prevent minor issues from becoming major repairs. Our HVAC specialists always carry out a complete full-load calculation. Doing so helps our team make the right installation decisions.

Air conditioners are basic units that play an important role in cooling your indoor environment. We provide systems that are energy-efficient, durable and affordable.
Heat Pumps have the capacity to heat and cool your home. They achieve the purpose without burning any fossil fuels. Meanwhile, we also offer packaged units that are ideal for anyone with limited space. These units are a viable alternative to rooftop applications. They come with an air handler and a condenser that are housed in a single cabinet. You can choose one from three different variants: heat pump, air conditioner or gas-electric models. Ductless AC units are designed for single-room variants, apartments or additions to a property. They operate more efficiently and help keep interior spaces comfortable.

Heating services including gas and electric furnaces and boilers installation & repair:

Mequon winters are very cold and the conditions can become a bit unbearable. Fortunately, we offer wide-ranging heating products and services aimed at keeping your whole family warm. Our technicians can recommend the ideal system that suits your home, needs and budget.

Before installation, we conduct a heat loss calculation to establish the amount of heat required to keep the interiors warm and comfortable. Additionally, the calculation allows our technicians to pick the ideal unit for your property. The wide variety of systems on offer can suit different budgets.

Gas & Electric furnaces are an affordable, reliable and efficient option. They can keep you warm throughout winter without breaking the bank. Ductless units are another viable option that provides an effective way to heat up small rooms. They are designed to keep you warm and cool in an efficient manner.
TemperaturePro servicing Mequon also offers boilers that function by heating water and dispersing it through pipes. Meanwhile, garage heaters have the capacity to keep the garages warm. Packaged units provides the best of both worlds. In winter, they keep your family warm and cool in summer months. They require less space than other models. Heat pumps come with a reverse valve that helps provide indoor heating and cooling from a single unit.

Our heating maintenance plans help eliminate the inconvenience of broken down unit in the middle of winter. You can rely on our 24-hour maintenance and repair service to keep the heating units operating in an optimal fashion.

We help keep your indoor air quality optimal with a high quality HEPA (high efficiency particular absorber) air purifier.

Fresh, clean air is of paramount importance because it contributes to better health. For this reason, we offer a variety of indoor air quality (IAQ) products. Air purifiers and cleaners are the golden standard when it comes to eliminating contaminants from the air. They provide a reliable frontline defense mechanism against air pollutants in your home. On the other hand, humidifiers counteract the development of mold due to high levels of humidity.

When left unchecked, the condition can lead to stagnant air that is bad for your health. Elevated humidity levels can also damage wooden furniture.
We also offer ventilators capable of ensuring that air circulated by HVAC units is not filled with pollutants. Taking advantage of our impressive range of indoor air quality products is a sure-fire way to rid your home of pollen, dust and other allergens.

Benefits of TemperaturePro maintenance plans:

Many HVAC owners take regular maintenance for granted. Yet, a poorly maintained system compromises efficiency and can cost more money to operate. It can breakdown when you least expect it, thus undermining indoor comfort. The costs of repair are higher than maintenance charges. We are committed to keeping your system running optimally. For this reason, we provide you the option to enroll in our maintenance plans.

By taking advantage of our maintenance plans, you reduce the risk of costly major repairs. Our technicians can detect a minor issue before it becomes a major malfunction. Some of the potential problems can go unnoticed for long periods before they lead to a major breakdown. Regular maintenance helps lower energy consumption, thus saving you money over time. Overall, it gives you much-needed peace of mind knowing that experts are always on hand to prevent the inconvenience of breakdowns.

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