New A/C Installation Mequon

New Air Conditioning Installation in Mequon

Without air conditioners, human civilization would have been completely different. Thanks to this technology, we enjoy cool ambient temperature, live and work comfortably even in rooms and buildings with no windows, and enjoy the relative safety of the indoors, away from the stifling heat outside. Millions of air conditioners are sold each year but are you choosing the right product and getting your money’s worth? Use this guide to buying new air conditioning unit to make an informed decision.

Consider the perfect Mequon A/C Type

There are different types of air conditioners that will fit certain requirements. Here are some of the most common:

Window units are very popular because they are easy to install and have a plug-and-play ease of operation. They are a popular choice for most single rooms. These units can be fitted in slots on window sills or walls. Split air conditioners consist of the indoor and the outdoor unit. These units generally have a higher cooling efficiency than window units, so they can be used to cool down two rooms or a larger room.

Portable units are designed for use in rooms where there are no slots available for a window type A/C or where there are building restrictions in place for air conditioning. Portable A/Cs are self-contained and designed for use in single rooms. They typically come with wheels so they can be moved from one room to another.

Pick the Right Size of Air Conditioning Unit for Mequon WI

The size of the unit is critical for more efficient and effective cooling of the room. In general, an air conditioning unit must have a cooling capacity of at least 20 Btu (British thermal unit) for every square foot of usable space. However, there are other factors to consider. Rooms with high-ceilings, for example, will require a more powerful unit. The number and size of doors and windows will also matter, along with the location of the A/C unit.

Consider the number of occupants of the room, where the A/C will be used (kitchens, for example, will require a higher cooling capacity than bedrooms), and the location of the room. If a room opens to an adjacent room with no door or divider, the A/C unit must be powerful enough to cool down both rooms.

Check the Noise Level

Noisy units will make sleeping or working more difficult for people with sensitive ears, especially if the the unit is set on high. Many units are designed for quiet operation and will be worth the test for comfort for the Mequon community.

Check for Efficiency of YOUR new Air Conditioning Unit

Size is not always a good indication of efficiency. Air conditioners require a lot of energy to cool down a room, so the best choice would be a model that has a good EER or energy efficiency rating, usually indicated as a high Energy Star rating. The current highest rating given to a high-efficiency A/C model is 10 stars. Check the Energy Star rating of the unit before purchasing a Mequon air conditioner unit.

Look for Useful Features for a New Mequon A/C Unit

Smart features built into an air conditioning model is designed to make the it easier and more comfortable to operate. Consider features such as a touchpad control, automatic airflow direction control, timer, remote control operation, digital temperature indicator, temperature delay, etc. Air conditioning units do not necessarily need these extra features to work well and more features usually mean an increase in the price tag, but comfort and convenience does come with a price and might be worth the consideration.


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