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Winter is nothing to joke about in SE Wisconsin. The temperatures become very harsh during the coldest months of the year. When you think about heating services and products, TemperaturePro should come to mind. We provide everything you need to combat the cold and stay warm inside your home. Our technicians will work diligently with you to find the perfect heating system that matches your needs and fits your home’s capabilities.

When it’s all said and done, you’ll be glad you chose TemperaturePro Cedarburg to keep you warm.

Heating Services

With the frigid winter that we’re accustomed to in Cedarburg, Grafton and Mequon, it’s important for us as a company to provide customers with everything they need to stay warm. It’s also important that we do the job right, which is why we start every installation process with a heat-loss calculation. This will help us determine how much heat it will take to keep your home warm. Subsequently, it helps us decide what unit can do the best job in your home.

At TemperaturePro, we understand everyone works within their budget. For this reason, we’ll make sure we find a heater that will be able to keep you warm without being a detriment to your finances. Here’s a list of all the different units we offer that can keep you warm.

Gas Furnaces: A natural gas furnace is the most popular option because it’s reliable, efficient, and affordable. We have a lot of different options, so check out our products page for more details. Want help? Give us a call so we can find the perfect match for you!

Heat Pumps: Heat pumps operate a lot like an air conditioner, but they incorporate a reverse valve to provide both heating and cooling from a single unit. They simply pump heat in either direction to keep you warm or cool.

Boilers: A boiler is another great option to keep your home warm. Boilers heat water and disperse it in pipes around your house to create a comfortable, non-dusty heat. Give us a call for more information today!

Ductless Unit: A great product for heating and cooling that is effective for small spaces or rooms is a ductless unit. They’re naturally energy efficient, work both ways to keep you warm or cool, and will save you money. Call TemperaturePro today for more information!

Garage Heaters: If you have any kind of valuables inside your garage, you should protect them from the extreme cold. Make sure you keep your garage warm; use any one of our garage heaters to do the job!

Packaged Units: Get the best of both worlds with a packaged unit that can help you stay cool during the hot months and keep you warm during the cold months. They take up less space, work both ways, and provide a high level of comfort to the owner.

Maintenance & Repair

At TemperaturePro, we like to back up our customers with quality maintenance plans to ensure our customers get the most out of their heating units. We offer a variety of repair services to make sure that the people of Ozaukee & Washington counties can count on us in case something goes wrong. With how intense winter is here, we provide 24-hour service to make sure you don’t go a single winter night without staying warm. At TemperaturePro, heating service is more than just installing the unit. Check out our maintenance page for more information on maintenance and repairs!

At TemperaturePro, we do everything we can to make sure you can depend on us. Everyone who works here is dedicated to keeping you warm in the winter. Find out just how dedicated we are to the customer experience by giving us a call today!

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